Mangwale.in offers immense benefits to all its clients and associates. Our website eliminates the need for a middleman as traders can reach customers through the online platform directly.

Mangwale.in offers a fair and convenient platform for Indian producers to make trades. By providing a robust economic environment, local brands and small businesses can trade conveniently without cumbersome processes. As such, Indian producers get to sell at higher prices since there are no middlemen involved.

Competition from cheap foreign products has affected small businesses negatively—the impact of which can be seen heavily on the landscape in the past decade. Mangwale.in offers a fair playground for all producers to trade. Imports are cheap and substandard and Mangwale.inis a great servant for keeping these goods from away affecting Indian markets.

The website also makes it possible for local business products to reach far markets in different states, all at a convenient price point.

Why Mangwale.in is good for sellers like you

Mangwale.inis a web-based platform that affords producers and small business owners a fairground to trade. In most platforms, sellers usually are paid poorly for products since middlemen are involved. This platform has eliminated the role of the middle by providing a convenient market for everyone to trade. This helps you reap more and sow less, saving a good chunk of profit per year.

Our E-commerce site helps you reduce the cost of trade, which is something we pride ourselves at.

The website offers immense benefits and making it possible for sellers to reach out for products in a convenient way. The website can be accessed via phone or laptop and this makes it possible to make trades with suitable people.

With shipping policies that are in favor of you as a business, Mangwale.in is truly a haven for Indian sellers.

The basics—how does shipping at Mangwale.in work

To keep things transparent and running smoothly, all sellers are afforded a one-price platform to make trades. No one takes advantage or sells higher than the other due to an effective free competition market set-up. In the final step of a sale, shipping and handling charges are applied to the customer’s bill. Upon payment, the items are picked up and delivered to them via standard delivery methods (please note that we may use third-party vendors for the same if needed). Throughout the process, the customer, as well as you, can check the status of the items in transit.

Does commission less shipping maximize profits?

Shipping fees and commissions are costly, and this makes it cumbersome for businesses to trade in states far away. This has been a common complaint in the Indian e-commerce scene by far. And this is something we plan to streamline for you by creating a more conducive environment for sellers and local businesses in India.

Please note that while we do not charge any commissions on your profits made from the store (or your sales), there is a charge seconded when it comes to shipping your packages to your consumers. The charge is kept nominal in order for all businesses to afford it.

How do I Ship My Product to Customer

You need not worry about shipping your products , Mangwale team /Third party would be collecting the package from your pickup location and delivering to the customer, please make sure
to check the shipping cost from the shipping calculator below.

The same would be calculated at actuals when collected from your pickup location, so requesting you to kindly fill the actualy sizes and weight .

For any more information kindly contact us at , vendor customer support at vcs@mangwale.in

Calculate the Shipping Cost

Height CM x Breadth CM x Length CM

Weight Gram

The Shipping Cost: INR

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